About Search for Wisdom

Search For Wisdom a personal market (vs. a mass market).  Everything here is about vision and context.  My aim is to share content that has made a real difference in my own life and in the lives of those I  love.  Impact can be encountered in aesthetics, narratives, questions, conflicts, learning processes, experiences and the uncovering of “truth”.  Still nothing has impacted my own life like books, poetry, and art.   All that I share here has contributed to what little wisdom I have.  If you gain some wisdom by exploring what I have here, then I will have passed on something of real value to you.  In any case and to that end, I hope to contribute to your “Search for Wisdom”.

A little about me.  I am a Christian missionary that has worked with InnerChange.org in Los Angeles CA. for over 20 years.  My hearts desire is that the love of God will reach the hearts of people and will empower them with all that the gift of life is supposed to offer.  Love is not easy or cheap.  Empowerment is not just individual.  Community transformation requires both character development and the elevation of peoples to become real stake holders in which their families live out there lives.  Here, in time, I hope to share what has lead to my understanding of best practices in this journey.

A word about LAMP, the Brewster Family, and language learning.

Those who understand what the Brewster’s have always been about will see at the roots of their work a call to life long learning, listening, intercession, and sharing stories… especially the Gospel story.  To share “Good News” we have to first and foremost learn to be “Good News” and take the real risks of what love demands including knowing and being known.  Their approach to language learning requires a real commitment to relationships in which the work of reconciliation and love continues to be worked out in real life itself.  What is offered here is one way of keeping language learning about what it is really about — Learning to communicate with our neighbors with love and respect.  There are other methods out there.  In each and every situation we must own our part in the journey and remember to

Get what we need

Learn a little

Use it a lot and


I hope the resources from their family offered here will continue to serve the work of reconciliation around the globe from the grass roots up.  Here is a window into her legacy. http://ojs.globalmissiology.org/index.php/english/issue/view/95

About the Art found here:

Since 1993 I have been impacted by a network of young people who have been committed to art as part of their identity.  Some were street graffiti artists.  All needed to communicate about their lives and found that words were not enough.  They have taught me that visual communication is its own language.  To know them and to be known by them meant to stop and to look as part of listening.  I have learned to listen with my eyes as well as my ears and I am still learning from them and with them about the real future of communication.  I hope my offerings here will honor the larger community dialogue about life in context – especially in this context of Los Angeles as a city of hopes and dreams.  May grace and loving transformation grow into all that it is intended to be.