Language Acquisition Made Practical by E. Thomas & Elizabeth S. Brewster

This is a methodology to learn another language directly from the people who speak it.  It is especially valued by workers who want to learn another language with the intent of partnering with the same people.  It is critical when dialect, bonding, and trust are essential to the journey.



It can be done! You ‘can’ successfully learn a new language if three conditions are met: You live where the language is spoken, You are motivated to learn the language, and You know how to proceed with language learning step-by-stem and day-by-day. This manual assumes that the first two conditions are met. It is a simple guide planned to help the learner proceed without boredom or frustration, through manageable steps to become proficient in the new language.

Vision:  Whenever local language, trust, and deep relationships matter… this methodology is a very helpful way to with love and honor learn a language from the people who speak that language.  It requires a commitment to relationships and disciplined evaluation.  This also is a very helpful way to integrate language learning into your lifestyle.

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